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Youth Literacy and Early Childhood Education VISTA Position with



Position Description: ServeLexInc is seeking a full-time VISTA member to work at a newly established Youth Reading Room (YRR) at the Black and Williams Neighborhood Center in Lexington, KY, and to assist in developing an Early Childhood Education program in the Cardinal Valley (CVECE) area of Lexington, KY.

For the YRR, the VISTA Associate will be responsible for:

  • Developing a training program for volunteers

  • Recruiting and training volunteers from the community

  • Managing and evaluating volunteers. 

  • Working with BCTC and/or FCPS librarians to develop an organizational and shelving system for the books in the YRR

  • Training volunteers in book organization, including vetting of new inventory

  • Overseeing staffing of the YRR and working in the YRR as needed

  • Develop programming for the YRR

  • Promoting the YRR in the Georgetown neighborhood

  •  Working with neighborhood stake holders and others on the YRR board to promote the YRR to both volunteers and participants

  • Promoting the YRR to the wider community to encourage donations of high quality inventory.


For the CVECE Project the VISTA Associate will be responsible for:

  • Researching and applying for funding through various sources

  • Developing partnerships with community stakeholders


Special Qualifications:  Bi-lingual (Spanish and English) would be very helpful.

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