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Meet our VISTA Volunteer

Lou Ann Cavenee-Ramos is the Americorps VISTA volunteer for the ServeLexInc Youth Reading Room at the Black & Williams Neighborhood Center on Georgetown Street for the 2016-2017 school year.

Currently Lou Ann is a senior in the Community & Leadership Development program in the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment at the University of Kentucky.

Previously, Lou Ann worked at the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence which is a nonprofit public education advocacy group which promotes improved education for all Kentuckians. For 13 years, while at the Prichard Committee, she was a Community Support Coordinator and the Administrator for the nationally acclaimed Governor's Commonwealth Institute for Parent Leadership.

After several years living in Louisiana, Puerto Rico and traveling the east coast of the United States, Lou Ann returned to Lexington, KY where she was born and raised. Lou Ann is a widow with three adult children and a 7 year old grandson. Her many interests include education, public art, cultural diversity; inclusion, and food sustainability to name a few. 

Lou Ann continues to be active in her community and on her college campus serving on various councils and belonging to several groups focused on making Lexington a better community for all, especially its children.

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